AirExit R Series

AirExit R-Regular Series with all parts made aluminium and galvalume materials.

AirExit E Series

AirExit E-Epoxy Series, with an all aluminium structure coated with epoxy powder coat prevents the exhaust form the acidic fumes and wastes. This special epoxy coat has been given for improved life. This can be used in factories like dying, bleaching units.

AirExit S Series

AirExit S-stainless steel Series with an all Stainless Steel structure, which can be used extreme acidic condition like chemical factories etc.

  • Save Cost, need only natural wind
  • Safe as it does not require electricity. No pollution as it uses natural air
  • Easy to install on any type of roof light weight, made from aluminum
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No noise as using supervane bush
  • Rain proof as AirExit is designed to protect from rain


AirExit's main applications are industries like Textile Mills, Foundries, Chemical Factories, Engineering Industries, Steel Factories, Sugar Mills, Food & Sea Food Processing Industries, Distilleries & Breweries, Godowns, Auditoriums, Warehouses, Hospitals and for Domestic purposes.